Lancashire crime figures down


LANCASHIRE continues to remain a safe place, with higher than average crime reductions according to Home Office figures released this week.

The statistics show a 4.8 per cent reduction in all crime from July 2010 to June 2011, which means 5,063 fewer victims of crime in comparison to the same period the year before. This compares to the national average of a four per cent reduction.

Burglary is down by 5.3 per cent, with 228 fewer victims. Offences against vehicles are down 7.1 per cent -or 693 fewer victims - and violence against the person is down three per cent, with 669 fewer crimes. Criminal damage reduced by 14.9 per cent, with 3530 fewer crimes, and drugs offences reduced by 10.9 per cent.

Commenting on the figures, Assistant Chief Constable Andy Rhodes said: “Crime levels are currently low, making this county one of the safest places in the country to live and work and I hope this reassures our local communities.

“We work hard with our partner agencies to keep the county safe and I am pleased that these efforts continue to pay off, with over 5,000 fewer people being spared the misery of becoming victims of crime.

“We are committed to doing everything we can to keep crime levels low and I urge the public to continue to support us in our efforts to keep Lancashire safe.“

Chair of the Police Authority, Malcolm Doherty said: “ These figures show that in the face of unprecedented change to meet that financial challenge, remarkably the Constabulary has successfully continued to focus on cutting crime.’’

“The ongoing reductions in burglary, vehicle crime, drug offences and criminal damage, which are those crimes of most concern to the public, illustrate that once again, Lancashire Constabulary continues to be a top performing police force.”