Lecture to pay tribute to Garstang soldiers

Paul G Smith giving a previous lecture on The Somme
Paul G Smith giving a previous lecture on The Somme
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In an hour-long centenary lecture, Paul G Smith, author of ‘Garstang’s Great War Heroes’ will re-examine one of the most horrific campaigns of the First World War through words and pictures.

The lecture, to be held on Thursday, September 28 at 7.30pm at Garstang Library, will also pay tribute to the 32 men from the Garstang area who played a part and lost their lives in this terrible chapter of the Great War.

It was in the autumn of 1917, that a battle aimed at winning the Great War at the Western Front was underway. The British Army, bogged down in the waterlogged mire of Flanders, fought desperately to break through the deadlock of the trenches and drive the Germans out of Belgium and hopes were high. But what followed was a heartbreaking four-month ordeal that led to the utter devastation of Flanders and near collapse of morale. Faced with endless mud, pill-boxes and mustard gas our brave troops arrived in a state of near collapse at the ruined village of Passchendaele.