‘Loathed’ traffic islands have gone

One of the new Kepple Lane priority signs and islands
One of the new Kepple Lane priority signs and islands

GARSTANG’S two troublesome traffic islands have finally been removed after a long campaign by residents.

The loathed “traffic priority pointers” on Kepple Lane were installed by highway chiefs six years ago, aimed at halting speeding motorists. But the islands outside St Thomas’s CE Primary School and Garstang Medical Centre were described as “nonsensical” by town councillors, who have campaigned to have them removed ever since.

Highway engineers took a couple of days last week to carry out the work to remove them following the introduction of the new 20mph scheme. Sim Lane-Dixon, highways manager for Wyre, said: “We took the decision to keep them in place until other road safety measures could be introduced. Now that we have completed the 20mph area scheme, which includes Kepple Lane, we are removing the two islands.”

A spokesperson for LCC added that work to remove the kerbs and bollards and resurface the road would be completed for the start of February.