Lotto winner Karl's 'spend-spend' is over

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A £10.9m Lottery winner says he can no longer see the point of splashing the cash.

Karl Crompton hit the jackpot almost 14 years ago and went on a spending spree, buying Ferraris, Porsches, motorbikes and luxury homes.

He appeared on The Big Breakfast on Channel 4, lived "the celebrity lifestyle," and admits he went off the rails, at one stage ending up before the courts on a public order offence.

But now the 36-year-old father-of-two – who lives in Elswick – is a devoted family man whose wife, Nicole, and children, Ethan and Jenson, are the priority

Speaking at an event to celebrate 15 years of the lottery, Karl said: "The turning point was my children.

"It really makes you look at things in a different way rather than blowing all the money up the wall.

"I've got some fairly wealthy friends who splash cash on sports cars but now I think – been there, done that. I've got everything I need and the priority is my family."

Karl was among many Lottery winners at the event at Tatton Park, Cheshire, including Bolton's Brian Caswell who scooped 24.9m on the EuroMillions draw in June.

Of 242 millionaires created in the North West since the lottery began, Karl became one of the best known thanks to his TV appearances and decision to court publicity rather than avoid it.

Now he lives a quiet life in the house he had built in Elswick, dabbles in the property market and no longer drives a sports car, instead opting for an expensive but family friendly BMW X5. He still pops into Comet on Blackpool Business Park,where he worked as a 23-year-old assistant manager at the time of his win. He said: "At first it was all fast cars and bikes and travelling around everywhere on holiday.

"When I did the TV stuff on the Big Breakfast it was very addictive and I can see how these pop stars and reality TV stars get sucked into the celebrity lifestyle.

"Amazing things happened like being flown to Barcelona for a Holsten Pils party and going to parties hosted by Gloria Estefan and George Michael.

"But as time passed things slowed down and I've got two kids. They're the most important thing, everything is for them."

Having invested wisely, Karl is happy with his lot and may, in the future, move to Canada where he has a home. But for now he is living the quiet life in Elswick.

"I don't think much more than a day ahead," he said.

"My friends and family are here and we're happy."