Majority oppose tip closure

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A HUGE majority of people in Garstang district are opposed to plans to close the Claughton on Brock Household Waste Recycling centre, a Courier survey has revealed.

A massive 97% of people who responded to the survey say they are against the proposal.

And in a telling response well over 240 people in the ‘Save Our Tip’ survey said they would not even consider alternative sites to dispose of their waste, as has been suggested by county council bosses proposing to close the site later this year.

More than half of the 275 people who took part in the survey said that rather than travel the extra distances to another tip, they would reduce the amount of waste they recycle and put more into their grey bins, which are collected by Wyre Council.

A tiny minority said they would even fly-tip their rubbish.

The overwhelming response from residents across an area stretching from Barton to Cockerham adds to the strength of feeling felt by the Garstang community.

In the poll 99% of people insisted the Claughton centre provided a vital service for the area and classed the facility as top rate, with little to improve.

Over half said they used the tip weekly, while another 97 people said they made at least monthly visits to dispose of household waste, including plastic and other recycling, garden waste and non-recycleables.

Nearly all those who completed the survey said they did not believe closing the centre was the right way for Lancashire County Council to reduce its budget.

Many residents in the area have already signed a petition set-up by Garstang Town Council.

Garstang Mayor Coun Lady Dulcie Atkins said this week over 700 signatures had been collected so far.

The statistics come as community leader Coun Roger Brooks continues to lead the opposition to the closure.

He urged residents to keep up the pressure by signing the petitions in local shops and the continue to complete The Courier survey, which will remain on the website at for people to register their views.

In a further development, ward councillors in greater Garstang directly affected by the closure will be getting together to discuss the issue at Wyre Civic Centre tonight, Wednesday.