Make sure that you don’t ‘invite in the burglars’

Police are reminding residents to secure their properties after an increase in burglaries across the county during the recent warm weather.

Wednesday, 13th August 2014, 3:46 pm
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In almost two out of every three burglaries across Lancashire the property has been left insecure, so officers are urging the public to lock up to keep the thieves out.

Residents across Ribble Valley are being urged to:

l Close and lock all doors and windows when they go out, even if they are just in the garden.

l Where possible, fit deadlocks to the doors and not to leave keys where they can be seen or reached through the letter box.

l Install security lights and consider a burglar alarm.

l Keep an eye on neighbours’ property and encourage them to do the same. Report anything suspicious to the police.

l Remember to cancel 
deliveries before going on holiday.

l Make sure all outbuildings are in good condition. If they are not then don’t leave anything of value inside.

l Use good quality padlocks with covers, so they cannot be easily cut off.

l Never leave tools or ladders lying around the garden.

l Make sure side gates and sheds are locked and keep boundary fences, walls and gates in good repair.

l Take photographs of 
valuable property because if the police recover it after a burglary this will be proof that it is yours.

Further crime prevention advice is available by visiting