Market News has summer fun list

Summer fun with 100 things to do - Kate , Joe (centre) and Richard outside Market Place News
Summer fun with 100 things to do - Kate , Joe (centre) and Richard outside Market Place News

Richard Whyman and his wife Kate are determined that young visitors to their Market Place News shop won’t be bored.

They’ve drawn up their very own list of ‘100 things to do before high school’ and are launching their first holiday activities ideas this week.

Mask making, kite making and kite flying are on the agenda. Each week part of the store will have an area devoted to the ideas of the week - and they promise advice and information will be available to those seeking inspiration to entertain youngsters or be entertained.

Richard asked: “How would you style your own mask? We’re going to be building some quite complex masks in the shop and we’ll have how to do sheets for people to make masks at home.”

Richard used to be a play and youth worker. He says he believes that it’s crucial youngsters are given the opportunity to enjoy themselves creatively and adults can help create such opportunities for the next generation. Kate’s son Joe Spence has also been enlisted to pen a fishing leaflet for beginners. He has been fishing all over the world – passion for the sport was sparked by a fishing trip for his sixth birthday. But the student says the local Lancaster canal is still one of his favourite places to go fishing.

Although their shop sells toys, masks, craft materials, fishing kit etc. Richard stresses the idea is first and foremost to share the ideas. He hopes to enthuse other shops in the town to join in - sharing skills and selling appropriate materials for different activities ranging from cupcake making to knitting.