Michael’s struck gold!

MIke Ward and Tom Pridmore
MIke Ward and Tom Pridmore
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Wyre Vale Residential Park, Cabus, and the neighbouring Acresfield development have scored gold in the prestigious David Bellamy Conservation Awards.

Park owner Michael Ward, who learned of the win last week, said: “Our residents and staff are absolutely delighted that our contribution to the local environment has been recognised by a gold award, the highest possible accreditation in the scheme.”

The Bellamy award scheme recognises excellence in environmental care, including recycling, energy efficiency and supporting the local economy as well as biodiversity and landscape quality. Wyre Vale has won it several times before.

Some of the park’s features singled out for praise in this year’s assessment include energy efficient lighting at low level to minimise light pollution, a pod for charging electric cars, new habitats created around the Acresfield development (with schoolchildren from SS Mary Michael Catholic Primary School involved in bulb and tree planting), excellent promotion of public transport, and, at Acresfield, homes with the highest specifications of insulation, fitted with solar panels and a range of energy efficient appliances

The Ward family also own another gold award park, Merlewood at Little Eccleston, where the environmental features include comprehensive recycling, an extensive area of land set aside for wildlife, a rainwater storage system and habitat boxes for a variety of wildlife.

Tourism consultant Tom Pridmore who is the award assessor for the north west of England said: “Wyre Vale and Acresfield form a very attractive development, where community spirit is particularly strong.

“Owner Michael Ward, his family and staff make year on year improvements to the park environments with residents taking an active role in green issues.”

The presentation to Wyre Vale/Acresfield is due to take place early next year.