Mo’s taking nuclear protest to Commons

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Former Garstang resident Mo Kelly is taking her campaign on safety at Heysham nuclear power stations to Parliament.

The Lancaster-based architect plans to raise her concerns with her MP Eric Ollerenshaw and write to the Parliamentary Energy and Climate Change Select Committee to highlight her fears about the long-term sustainability of the Heysham 1 and 2 power stations, safety and maintenance issues and the need for more openness about these issues.

Mo, the sister of Garstang parish priest Father David Elder, says this is not just an issue for Heysham residents, but has great relevance for Garstang and other parts of Wyre because, as the crow flies, the station is not far away.

Citing the fact that part of Heysham 1 recently had to be shut down for investigations following an “anomaly” with one of its boilers, she said that she was mindful that when originally built it was anticipated the local station had a 25 year life span and says she is concerned about the longevity of boilers and graphite bricks used there, particularly if the life of the stations is extended.

Last month EDF Energy announced that one of the two nuclear reactors at Heysham 1 was being shut down for “planned maintenance.” It said the reactor had been operating at 75 per cent power with one boiler unit isolated since it became clear further investigations were needed.

Heysham 1 station director Ian Stewart said: “This current shutdown will see a specialist team go into the area around the reactor and inspect the boiler.

“Our expert teams have been preparing and planning to carry out this maintenance work for months and during the work some 430 extra contract partners will join us at the power station.”

Mo will protest at Lancaster on Saturday about nuclear waste carriage by rail.