Monster pothole - but county won’t pay out

John Gardner with his van which was damaged on the road
John Gardner with his van which was damaged on the road
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Angry motorist John Gardner has been landed with a £300-plus bill to repair damage to his vehicle after he drove over a pothole that was so deep he claims he could place his hand in it.

John, of Lancaster Road, Garstang, says he has had to wait months for Lancashire County Council to decide whether it was liable to pay for the damage, which occurred near the small bridge on Lydiate Lane at Claughton-on-Brock.

Now he is demanding to know why he has to pay car tax if roads are falling into disrepair, causing potentially costly damage to vehicles.

John said he had needed to replace both a wheel and tyre.

He said: “It started off when I ran over a pothole and I buckled the steel wheel of my van back in January. Since then I’ve had both steering arms replaced. “

The damage was something he says he could ill afford to repair. “If this was a private road you could take it to the small claims court,” he added.

The council said it was not liable because it had carried out a quarterly inspection on the route on October 29 and had repaired the one problem found elsewhere on the road.

John said: “If it was a cyclist or motorcyclist that had hit the pothole they could have been harmed.

“Every year we’ve to get our cars MOTs to make sure our cars are safe for the road. The unfortunate thing is the roads are not safe for cars any more. ”

John said he believed the rut was nine or 10 inches deep.

“At the front where I hit it, it came to the top of my hand where the wrist is. Why is somebody not taking responsibility for this? Why should I have to pay for this?” he said.