MP will press case over silt problem

Eric Ollerenshaw (centre) with Pilling residents at tyhe Broadfleet gates
Eric Ollerenshaw (centre) with Pilling residents at tyhe Broadfleet gates
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THE MP for the northern Over Wyre villages ,Eric Ollerenshaw, has been learning about flooding problems in Pilling in a fact-finding mission to the village.

First port of call at the session with parish councillors and residents was the Broadfleet outflow, where silting on the seaward side of the outflow doors makes it difficult to open the doors, leading to high water levels and threats to properties and farm land.

Mr Ollerenshaw said: “Pilling Parish Council is doing a great job in keeping up the pressure on all the various agencies to try and resolve the local flooding problems.

“I am pleased that the Environment Agency has now agreed to carry out several flushes of the channel before Christmas to clear out the silt.

“This was successful earlier this year, reducing the water level by around 12 inches.

He added that the Environment Agency had confirmed that if its planned programme does not remove enough silt by mid-January, then it would dredge the channel to remove even more silt and, hopefully reduce the water level again.”

Other topics discussed water-linked problems in Bradshaw Lane, Wheel Lane, Carr Lane, Pilling Lane, Stakepool Drive and St John’s Avenue.

Mr Ollerenshaw is due to have further meetings this month with the Environment Agency and Natural England to keep the pressure on to resolve the problems.