My very handy Christmas present list

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Christmas is almost upon us - have you bought all your presents yet?

I’m sure the shops in both Morecambe and Lancaster were packed with shoppers this weekend, what with the weather wiping out last Sunday for many. With that in mind, maybe those last-minute Christmas gifts could be easier to choose.

Mick Dennison. Pub Landlord. York Hotel, Morecambe.

Mick Dennison. Pub Landlord. York Hotel, Morecambe.

I know the experts told us the recent storm could only happen once in 100 years but that’s what they told the poor unfortunate people of Carlisle not that long ago. Look what happened to them.
So, with that in mind, I present my own Christmas present list, not an X-Box in sight.

First of all I think I’ll be buying everyone a few giant candles, as we found out, you can’t have enough of those.

That’s lighting sorted - now for some heat and if you are like us your gas central heating was inoperable due to the fact it was governed by an electric controller. Next item on my pressie list is a propane gas heater - complete with spare cannister.

If you live in an extra large house, like me, I suggest one of those glove, scarf and hat combination sets. And talking of combinations - a set of long-johns and vest would be quite apt (if you are young ask your granny what they are!).

Lighting, heating, now for communication. The vogue at the moment is for everything digital but I suggest giving the one you love a transistor radio (again, ask your granny). To accompany the radio buy a week’s supply of batteries - you never know when your smart phone will go down.

That brings me to the subject of keeping in touch with your loved ones. Buy them an old-fashioned retro telephone - the older the better. They work great in a power cut.

The gift that gives is a book - not a digital Kindle type thing - they lose their charge.

If all else fails - a diesel generator will go down a treat. Got a spare grand?