New festival hopes to inspire young talent

Members of Ribcaged at the Ribble Valley Awards
Members of Ribcaged at the Ribble Valley Awards
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There will be something for everyone at this summer’s ‘Rib Fest 2016’ and organisers are now actively looking for anyone interested in any aspect of it, to get in touch.

The music and drama festival - to be held in the village of Ribchester - will be featuring all kinds of music from classical through to blues and rock; theatre including Ribchester Amateur Theatrical Society performing the ever-popular promenade play around the village; poetry and storytelling; and a range of music, drama, health and wellbeing workshops.

The festival, which will run from July 18-24, is being organised by Ribcaged - the professional theatre company with strong Ribchester connections - and they wish to particularly engage with all village groups and societies to make this a community-based festival, welcoming input, ideas and suggestions for the programme from as many people as possible.

It is intended to launch the festival - which is plugging the gap following last year’s closure of Ribchester Festival of Music and the Arts after 23 years - on Monday, April 18.

Ribcaged is currently applying for funding and hopes to be awarded a grant of £1,000 through Ribble Valley Council’s Parish Grant Scheme, through Ribchester Parish Council and Coun Ian Sayers.

Ribcaged director Keith Flood, who lives in the village. told a recent meeting of the parish council the money - which Ribcaged would add to - would help pay for someone to support and organise the event.

Mr Flood told the council they felt it was “very sad “ when the previous festival, which had done a lot of work in the community, finished.

“So we thought here was the chance to do something along the same lines, but different. A festival of music and drama,” said Mr Flood, adding it would be staged in a variety of village venues.

“We are in the process of putting together a mixed programme, so we want to get cracking at it, but it costs money before you have sold a ticket,” he said.

The festival is set to have more emphasis on young people and he added: “Through Ribcaged we have come across an awful lot of local talent. People have previously had to go to Manchester or Liverpool, but I think in the past 10 years we have proved that you don’t have to do that.”

l Anyone interested in the festival should contact 01200 429256.