NUT and ATL Strike 30/6/11

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On the 14th June, The National Union of Teachers and The Association of Teachers and Lecturers voted in a ballot on whether to strike on the 30th of June, this upcoming Thursday, a date, which they say, was purposefully set so that it avoided external examinations and so caused minimal disruption to the pupils’ education.

The vast majority, 92% of NUT members and 83% of ATL members, backed the strike, which is the first for 25 years, with a turnout of 40% and 35% respectively.

The reason for the strike is pension changes, which the teachers say “will mean working longer, paying more and getting less when we retire”

Christine Blower, general secretary of NUT, said that the government could afford teachers’ pensions so their “attack” on the pensions is unnecessary.

Although they agreed to strike, the Unions appear as though they didn’t want to.

Andy Brown, the ATL president, announced the Union’s first ever national strike with “deep reluctance”.

He also said that if they do not take action now, the government will “irreparably damage education in this country and children will lose out.”

The government, however, thinks the Unions are overacting and Cabinet Minister Francis Maude has accused the Unions of “jumping the gun”

But how will the strikes affect our local community? Below is the answer, a list of schools that are closed, whether comlpetely or partially.

Schools that will be closed completely:

Bilsborrow John Cross

Broughton High School

Kirkland and Caterall Primary School

Pilling St. John’s

St Williams Pilling RC

Schools that will be partilly closed:

Garstang High School- Closed to all years except Year 10

Garstang St Thomas Primary School- Closed to all years except Year 6