Of my time at Windsor and our ‘great lake’

Reverent reflections
Reverent reflections
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It is some forty-five years since I had the privilege of being on a clergy course which involved staying at St George’s College in the complex of Windsor Castle.

But I have never forgotten that “royal experience” – walking freely all around Windsor Castle, Windsor Great Park and the salute the guard gave you on your re entry.

Reverent reflections

Reverent reflections

The building featured in my top was once a hunting lodge for William the Conqueror before it eventually grew to be the largest inhabited castle in the world.

Here Edward III established the Order of The Garter.

Here also a railway station was built only yards from the castle walls, so that Victoria and Albert could escape the London fogs and smogs.

Everywhere around the castle and great park was filled with history.

Reverent reflections

Reverent reflections

In my childhood and youth the “great park” I was familiar with was Moor Park in Preston.

There, the “great lake” was the serpentine – or duck pond as we used to call it.

This is featured in the postcard sent in by a reader which I use as my second picture (right).

I am sure we Prestonians had as much fun on that park in our childhood and youth as the royals did in Windsor Great Park.

On your next saunter on Moor Park note that “stony bridge” still remains intact.

Back to Windsor. During the First World War King George V banned all alcohol from all royal households ,including Windsor Castle.

But he did keep a “reserve” of port there for his own “medicinal” use.

There too he enjoyed his stamp collection, some 320 books in all, which I recently read is the most valuable such collection in the world.

My last picture (below) is a “rollover”.

It should have appeared 10 weeks ago – but there can be many a slip on roller blades.

What I am sure of is that the guard at Windsor Castle would have banned, if not imprisoned, me if I had been wearing these, nor could I have climbed stony bridge on Moor Park in them!

These youngsters were enjoying their roller ball.

Do you recognize any of them or even yourself?