Missing wallaby captured after month on run

Skip the wallaby
Skip the wallaby
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Restrained in the back of a van by police officers, it was a dramatic end to life on the run for a missing marsupial.

The male, which was one of three wallabies that had escaped from a farm in Winmarleigh, was eventually captured seven miles away from where it was first spotted.

Police were called to fields near to Carr End Lane in Stalmine and after donning hiking gear, officers chased it through an orchard before they were able to make a grab.

PC Gary Cross said: “The wallaby did not want to know and kept dashing off into the thick hedges to the side of us.

“Eventually we chased him into the orchard and caught him, though he was very strong. It was the strangest job I’ve ever dealt with.”

PC Cross said in the end, the wallaby was happy to have been captured.

He added: “He was looking a bit bedraggled in the torrential rain.

“He was extremely lucky as he would have had to have crossed at lease one A road to get to Stalmine. ”

The wallaby, called Skip, has been returned to its owner, 18-year-old Dale Price, an animal management student from The Old Hall on Church Lane Winmarleigh.

The police had a duty to act because of strict legislation covering the release of non-native wildlife into the British countryside.