Pastor settling into his new Garstang role

Pastor John Sainsbury
Pastor John Sainsbury

When Pastor John Salisbury was asked to take over the lead at Garstang Free Methodists Church last November, he expected it would be for just a few weeks.

But six months later, he is settled in the town and his old home near Grange-over-Sands has gone up for sale.

“It looks as if we’re going to be here for the foreseeable future,” said John, who is living with his wife, Sue, in Worcester Avenue.

“We had a small Christian community based at our old home. When that finished we looked for something else to do and felt that God was asking us to do something more.

“I was offered the chance to lead the team at Garstang for a short time, but now we are going to be staying here.

“The people of the town have welcomed us and really taken us to their hearts.

“Garstang is a great town and there is a real community spirit here,” he said.

The number of people attending the church has also pleased Pastor John and he says there are lots of things happening at the church not just for churchgoers but for the benefit of the wider community

“There’s a mother and toddler group every week, which is free, and in August we hope to run a holiday club for youngsters.

“We’re have lunches on Fridays which we call FLOW – Friday Lunch for the Older and Wiser – and we are also looking at the idea of having a senior citizens’ holiday club with a range of activities ,” said Pastor John.

He added: “We are here not only for the people who come into our church, but to serve people in the surrounding community.

“Everyone is welcome at our events.”