Pensioners prepare to move after 22 years of bypass fight

Denis Ibison at his house
Denis Ibison at his house

Pensioners Denis and Elizabeth Ibison are ready to pack up and move out after 22 years living in the headlights of the Broughton Bypass.

The controversial new road is set to plough through the living room of the couple’s neat semi-detached home in Whittingham Lane.

And after a lengthy battle to resist the bulldozers, 79-year-old Denis has confessed: “We can’t win, so we’re off.”

The Ibisons have lived in their home for 55 years and brought up their family there. But now a compulsory purchase order has been issued for land and properties on the line of the bypass, Denis and Elizabeth have admitted they have “reluctantly” agreed a price with Lancashire County Council and will be moving out in the next few weeks.

“We’ve lived under the shadow of this for 22 years,” declared Denis, who is sacrificing his home to make way for a road for the third time in his life. “We’ve had plenty of sleepless nights.

“I know there’s nothing we can do to stop it. It’s going to be a massive upheaval at our time of life, but we’re going to have to do it.

“Our children have grown up in this house. It has been our family home for more than half a century. But when you live right in the path of a big road development like this you’ve no choice. It’s pointless fighting it.

“We’ve agreed a price with the council and we have a property lined up just further down the road, so we aren’t moving far.”