Petra shop buoys the family

Petras Pizza
Petras Pizza
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Petra Pizza 
Preston Road, Leyland

Sunday dinner can go one of two ways in our house – a traditional roast with all the trimmings or a takeaway and a film in front of the telly.

This week we went for the takeaway and, keen to try somewhere new, sorted through the mountain of menus which had come through our letterbox until one caught our eye.

Petra Pizza looked like it served everything – burgers, kebabs, curries and of course, pizza.

The takeaway, in Preston Road, Leyland, offers free delivery in the local area and a number of meal deals to suit all requirements.

We opted for the family meal deal – a 14-inch pepperoni pizza, garlic bread, chips, two cheeseburgers and a bottle of coke for £16.99.

Petra also has the advantage of being listed on the Just Eat website, so ordering was a simple case of ticking boxes and paying by card.

Our order complete we settled down to watch a film while we waited the 45 minutes delivery time.

That is a fairly standard time in our area, so we were pleasantly surprised when half an hour later there was a knock at the door.

The food was piping hot and tasty. The pizza came with plenty of toppings, oozy mozzarella and a not-too-doughey base.

The burgers were juicy and succulent, with ketchup and a cheese slice, and the garlic bread, while subtle on the garlic, was a pleasant texture and flavour.

The only let down was the chips, which were slightly undercooked, but with pizza, burgers and garlic bread to feast on it was no great hardship.

The family meal deal offered excellent value for money and a filling and comforting Sunday treat for my family of four. And best of all, there was no washing up!

Rachel Smith