Plan to link Garstang and Scorton pathways

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PLANS to link two of the area's popular riverside foothpaths - and create a rural routeway stretching from Garstang to Scorton - are in the pipeline.

The idea of linking Garstang's Millennium Green and Scorton's Millennium Way has been discussed for several years.

The scheme's backers, who believe it will add to the area's popularity with ramblers as well as with local people have revealed they are making progress.

Research has been carried out by Garstang residents Ben Andrews, a former town mayor, and Mike Hall, a leading official of Garstang Millennium Green.

Mike said: "It would provide a continuous riverside path of almost three miles between the two communities on the banks of the River Wyre."

Ben and Mike have assessed the possible routes for the 'missing link' and prepared a feasibility report.

Access rights would have to be negotiated with landowners, some of who allow angling groups use the river. A decision will need to be taken as to whether the east or the west bank of the Wyre would be the chosen route.

Garstang Millennium Green ends at Wyre Lane and the Scorton Millennium Way starts at Gubberford Bridge. The 'gap' between the two current paths is about three quarters of a mile.

The path link-up plan has been welcomed by Joanne Golton of Garstang Partnership.

She said the GP would be part-funding the project, with up to 10,750 allocated to provide items such as signs and stiles.

She said: "It is going to cost a lot more than that, but we hope to get the ball rolling."

She added a further 5,000 could be made available to pay for the services of someone who could administer the creation of the path.

Joanne said: "We are very keen to see this happen and are offering our help to project manage it to get it through."

Ben said: "We have recently been given encouragement by Lancashire County Council which, together with an offer of funding from Garstang and District Partnership, means that we can move forward.

"We are now gathering together a team of local people to take the project on to the next stage."

The path link idea has already received the backing of Garstang Running Club, the Garstang Group of the Ramblers Association, Garstang Lakeland Club.