Police launch new road safety quest

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Police are launching a new safety campaign on the roads around Wyre.

Operation Bramble will run for the month of October with the aim of reducing the number of casualties, particularly among vulnerable road users. This will be done via a combination of educating road users and increased enforcement efforts in the local area. Police will be focusing on the A586 between Garstang and Poulton, the A6 around Wyre and the A6 between Lancaster city centre south and Galgate.

Sgt Nigel Ralphson, of Lancaster Police’s Road Policing Unit, said: “Most collisions have been caused by road users not giving the road their full attention. Furthermore, it should be said it is no one group’s fault.

“For example, in the majority of cases when a pedestrian or motorcyclist has been knocked down, it is actually the pedestrian or motorcyclist who is at fault, whereas when a cyclist has been knocked down, it is generally not the cyclist’s fault.

“Everyone has to play their part to ensure we can reduce the number of people killed or injured on roads.”