Police: We CAN enforce limits

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POLICE chiefs have moved to reassure Garstang residents that new 20mph limits in the town ARE enforceable in law.

Questions were raised at a recent Garstang Town Council meeting when Garstang PC Dave Shaw told councillors that local officers couldn’t take action against drivers exceeding the newly-imposed limits.

This prompted questions to Garstang’s county councillor Val Wilson at the same meeting, who indicated the 20mph limits were advisory and there to educate drivers, but that police would be able to take action against ‘persistent offenders’.

This week, Chief Inspector Debbie Howard, of Lancashire Police, stepped in to clear up any confusion, explaining there are two types of 20 mph areas –20mph zones and 20mph limits.

Chief Insp Howard continued: “Zones have been in existence for some time and can only be installed if other engineering features to slow traffic exist, for example speed humps.

“20mph zones are not enforceable by law. You can identify a zone by the rectangular sign which shows the 20mph symbol with the word ‘zone’ written underneath.

“20mph speed limits do not require any additional engineering features and they are legally enforceable as they are covered by a Traffic Regulation Order. These areas are indicated by the red circular speed limit sign (pictured left).

“We are working with Lancashire County Council and local communities as the 20mph limits are rolled out to address speeding concerns. We can enforce in 20mph areas, but our key aim is compliance to speed limits rather than prosecution.”

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