Your views on far-right politician Tommy Robinson visit to Preston

Controversial far-right politician Tommy Robinson in Preston on Monday
Controversial far-right politician Tommy Robinson in Preston on Monday

On a visit to Preston MEP candidate Tommy Robinson claimed the turnout for his rally was the best support he had been shown in the North West - though many disagreed.

Several hundred people gathered to hear him speak on Ashton Park on Monday night.

Meanwhile around 40 people turned up to a ‘Peace, Love and Milkshake Party’ in the city centre, to take a stand against the far-right activist.

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One protester at the milkshake party said that Preston had a proud history of ‘fighting against fascists’.

Robinson, also known as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, said: “This is probably the best crowd we’ve had all across the North West.”

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Readers were, predictably, divided on Robinson’s visit to the city.

For shame Preston, for shame.

John Innes

Not something to be proud of.

Heidi Caunce Berry

Why was this scumbag allowed in Preston?

Damon Powell

It’s called democracy.

John Nolan

When’s he standing trial again for contempt of court?

Mark Fairhurst

A poor turn out, a peaceful milkshake protest in town. Take the hint Yaxley-Lennon, we don’t want your hate speech in our yard.

Nazma Ahmed

Clever tactics by the little man. Choose a area with no McDonalds.

I think most just turned up just to see what all the fuss was about. 600? What’s the population of Preston again?

It shows racism/facism is still a minority in Preston and when a clown turns up anyone will just attend a circus.

Faruk Bhayat

There was around 1000 there and just 40 left wing opposition.

John Nolan

This man is a hero.

Joe Schofield

Not that I support TR in any way but it’s easy to see how support for the far-right is encouraged by a weak government.

Dave Cooper

As with all hate mongers, he should be jailed.

Barry Skelhorn

Sad sad people.

Patricia Smith

The population is approx 140,000 so even if 600 did turn up which I doubt, that’s 0.43 per cent of the city which is pathetic, as it should be.

Laura Cain

Far right are the Biggest threat today ....that’s a fact.

Mary Faulkner

Right wing agenda depends on creating division in society .. bigots like this man, who does not deserve naming, has no place in society.

Tom Downey

Tommy Robinson stands by what he says against grooming kids and terrorists he’s got my support.

Sheila Regan

He also got a brick thrown at his board.

Shannon Jackson