Potholes ‘danger to pedestrians’

Complaints: Town councillor David Williams
Complaints: Town councillor David Williams

Potholed and badly patched pavements are a danger to pedestrians in the town, claims a Garstang town councillor.

David Williams says he has campaigned for years to have paths on Church Street repaired, particularly those on the right leading out of town.

“The paths are extremely dangerous. It’s a case of when, not if, there will be an accident,” he said.

“I live on Church Street, so hear lots of complaints from people using this path.

“It is a main route in and out of town. There is a church, a church hall, the health centre, the Abbeyfield homes for elderly people and a new housing development with young people who need to walk along this pavement pushing prams to get into town.

“These paths have been patched up and in other places are badly in need of repair. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to ask Lancashire County Council to repair this path and yet it is still a danger.”

Childminders Lynne Tyson, of Hazelhurst Drive, and Gillian Wareing, of Fairsnape Drive, said they often struggled to get buggies and small children along the path.

“Sometimes the children fall because the pavement is such a mess,” said Lynne.

And Gillian added: “It’s difficult go get a buggy along because it’s so uneven.”

Town councillor Gordon Harter backed Coun Williams’ comments.

“This path is well used. I understand the county council has to cover a wide area, but Garstang people pay their money and something as bad as this should be a priority,” he said.

County Council highways manager Sim Lane-Dixon said: “The recent spells of wet and freezing weather have had a substantial impact on our roads and pavements.

“If people tell us about a pothole or problem we’ll assess the damage and carry out an appropriate repair. In response to this latest report we will inspect the footway at Church Street.

“Lancashire County Council has spent £205m over the four years to maintain roads and footways.”