Preesall Traveller plan inquiry

TRAVELLERS who set up camp in Over Wyre now face a public inquiry next Spring.

Monday, 20th December 2010, 1:26 pm

The group, who moved onto land off Lancaster Road in Preesall last year, wanted to make their home more permanent with hard standing, utility buildings and an access road but plans were unanimously thrown out by Wyre councillors earlier this year.

An enforcement notice was then served to the travellers requiring them to vacate the site and remove all the material deposited there.

The Planning Inspectorate is now preparing to hold a three-day public inquiry from March 29 next year after travellers lodged an appeal against the decision to refuse the planning application and the enforcement notice the local council put on them.

Residents and local councillors hope the planning inspector will support their views and force the travellers to leave.

Coun Paul Moon, Preesall ward councillor, said: “It’s a long, drawn-out affair – the sooner the conclusion, the better. It’s visual intrusion on a green field site which has been stoned over.

“Water voles in the vicinity are also an issue which has to be dealt with.

“I hope the inspector upholds the elected body’s decision to refuse planning permission.

“It’s vitally important the policies of the council are successfully upheld by an inspector.”

A public inquiry will also be held from February 8 next year in relation to travellers who set up camp on land off Fairfield Road in Hardhorn.

That site is being dealt with by Fylde Council.

A Wyre Council spokesman said: “The appeal against the decision to refuse the planning application, lodged with the Planning Inspectorate, is to be a public inquiry and is to be heard in March 2011.

“An appeal has also been lodged with the Planning Inspectorate against the enforcement notice and at present the date and procedure for this are still awaited from the Inspectorate.

“It is expected the two will be dealt with together, although this has not been confirmed to date.”