Public standards under fire at Wyre

Wyre civic centre : Complaints against councillors considered
Wyre civic centre : Complaints against councillors considered

Complaints against councillors at borough and parish level are to be reported to Wyre’s standards committee.

Several resolved cases are listed in a report to be considered by committee members.

In the first case a member of the public complained that the borough councillor failed to provide all relevant information during an investigation of an earlier complaint.

To resolve the issue a mediation process has been started following consultation with an independent member.

In the second case a Wyre borough councillor has complained two parish councillors showed a “disrespectful, unprofessional and bullying attitude” to him at a meeting.

Wyre’s monitoring officer has decided there was no evidence of a breach of the council’s code of conduct, and no action is to be taken.

In the third case, in which a Wyre councillor has accused another Wyre councillor of foul language in a public forum, a the offending councillor has apologised after the “inappropriate behaviour” was pointed out to him.

In the fourth case listed in the current complaints section of the agenda a parish councillor has accused two of his colleauges of “a bullying attitude to other councillors and the public” and “failing to follow correct procedures at meetings.”

The names of all the councillors involved in the current complaints have not, as yet, been made public.

A council spokesman said: “A protocol covering when we will name complainants and subjects is currently being drawn up and will then need to be agreed by the standards committee.

“Until that is in place, we are looking at each case on its own merits.

“We are not currently naming the complainants or the subject members in these four cases at this stage because they are either in the initial stages of investigation or have been judged not to have breached the Code of Conduct.

“If it is decided that any of these require a hearing, it is likely that they will be named at that stage, unless there is a specific reason.”

For more details see the agenda for the standards committee meeting which is available on Wyre Council’s website.

As the Courier went to press the meeting which was due to take place today was cancelled.