Rats pays homage to well-loved radio times

The panel with chairman Keith Flood (centre) relive the times on radio
The panel with chairman Keith Flood (centre) relive the times on radio

For its autumn production, the Ribchester Amateur Theatrical Society (RATS) paid homage to Radio 4 and the talented artists who have graced the station.

The village hall became Ribchester Radio for the night and a series of sketches, with the cast taking the audience through such favourites as “Desert Island Discs”, “I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue”, “Round the Horne” and “Just a Minute”.

The audience was frequently involved in the production and never more so than in a Spot the Intro quiz. The affection that the audience had for the radio was clearly illustrated by the speed with which all the familiar theme tunes were identified.

Not surprisingly the show started with an example of a much loved tale of ordinary country folk from Ambridge in which extraordinary events happen.

Keith Flood later led the cast of RATS regulars through a memorable game of “Just a Minute”, with themes as diverse as great naval battles of the First World War, the Ribchester lengthsman and the specials board at the Ribchester Arms.

In a series of abbreviated “Desert Island Discs” episodes, the cast was taken on a tour of their life histories, then chose the music and the traditional luxury.

The deft adaptation of the script and its enthusiastic delivery made this a certain winner for the audience, who needed little prompting to show their affection for radio giants portrayed on stage.