Residents lorry fears

A hgv takes up the road as it leaves back lane outside graygates stud farm and riding stables
A hgv takes up the road as it leaves back lane outside graygates stud farm and riding stables
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ANGRY residents have said they will not give up their fight after controversial plans to convert disused farm buildings into industrial units were approved.

Homeowners in Stalmine have spoken of their shock at Wyre council’s decision to grant retrospective planning permission for the development on Back Lane.

The council’s planning committee also approved the development of three new buildings for light industrial use, storage and distribution.

But residents say the roads are not suitable for large vehicles, which pose a hazard to other road users and disturb community life.

The day after permission was granted, a lorry overturned in a dyke after turning right off the narrow Neds Lane, which heavy good vehicles use to reach the Back Lane site.

Sandra Singleton, of Back Lane, said: “This has been refused on numerous occasions because the highways authority deemed it unsafe. “Now the highways authority has submitted plans to make passing places on Back Lane, we can only conclude from this they agree the lane is inadequate to accommodate the articulated wagons.

“None of the residents who own the verges or live near to them have been approached about this. It’s had everyone up in arms.

“What if the emergency services need to get down the lane?’’, she added, “more times than not, these drivers don’t know the area.

“We’re worried someone could get killed, surely safety is the most important issue?”

Mary Whittaker, who lives at Stalmine Country Park, said the plans would ruin the park residents’ way of life.

She said: “There are 28 homes on the site and 36 residents living there, all of us are senior citizens and now we can’t step out on to the lanes

for fear of being run over.

“We walk dogs and people ride horses down there but who wants to do that with articulated trucks whizzing past?”

Agents acting for the site said HGV movements would be restricted to just a couple per week, but residents claim they have witnessed wagons travelling daily.

Parish Coun June Jackson said: “Legislation says farmers should be able to diversify, but we believe only where land can accommodate it.”

Site owner Ian Rainford said he has done everything the council has asked him.

He said: “I’ve spent a lot of time cleaning the site up and have provided permanent employment for 11 people.

“I know there are concerns about vehicles on Neds Lane.

Following discussions with the council I’ve agreed to write to all our HGV companies asking them to avoid that lane.

“I have also offered to buy a ‘No Heavy Vehicles’ sign for Neds Lane.”