Revealed – the risks to cyclists on our roads

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The risks to cyclists have been laid bare in new figures on the rate of accidents they suffer on county roads.

Latest police statistics reveal 105 cyclists were killed or seriously hurt after collisions on the county’s roads last year.

Almost 200,000 people cycle in Lancashire but they face daily threats on the roads. The figures show that 103 cyclists were seriously injured in a collision involving a motorist last year, and two killed. A further 356 suffered slight injury, bringing the total number of cyclists hurt to 461.

On the back of the casualty figures the national cycling charity CTC has called for more measures to protect cyclists in the county.

A spokesman said: “Three million people regularly cycle in the United Kingdom and we know even more would if better cycling infrastructure which allowed them to feel safe was provided.”

Earlier this year highway chiefs at Lancashire County Council announced a £1m plan to slash accidents across the county.

A county spokesman said: “We’ve made a number of safety improvements across the county. As part of the £1m safety improvements announced earlier this year, £35,000 is being invested in signs at roundabouts and junctions to remind drivers to look out for cyclists.”