Ribchester’s 54th fun-filled field day

Ribchester’s 54th annual Field Day took both a historic and a topical turn this year – with a specially created Roman garden in the marquee marking the Ribchester Roman Museum’s 100th birthday and a laughter-provoking entry in the Field Day parade poking fun at Ribble Valley’s planning bosses.

Gnome Improvements from Ribchester Club/Bee Mill Garage stole the show when they produced mock “approved” cardboard windows for houses in Church Street – a reference to recent controversies in the village over just what style of windows the council will allow to be installed in historic and renovated homes in the main street.

Ribchester Field Day.  Alan Bennett with other gnomes from Bee Mill

Ribchester Field Day. Alan Bennett with other gnomes from Bee Mill

For Ribchester Allotment and Garden Society there was a rare chance to bring the replica of the famous Ribchester parade helmet out of the nearby museum and put it centre stage in a specially created garden in the main marquee, complete with pillars, box plants, lavender, herbs and an abundance of marigolds.

The new Field Day Queen Millie Clash officially opened the event and was attended by Poppy Smith, Chloe Holgate, Holly Riding, Charley Marchant and Luka Marchant. She was crowned by retiring Queen Sophie Kearns, who in turn was attended by Scarlett Bateson, Daisy Bennett, Madeline Maguire, Robyn Shutt and page boys Seth Barrett and Teddy Shutt.

For Field Day Chairman David Smith the fun-packed weekend was also an opportunity to appeal for more village residents to join the Field Day committee to help make future events a similar success.

With sunshine smiling on the weekend the bumper entertainment got off to a laughter-filled start on Friday evening with a film night featuring Mamma Mia and Tom and Jerry cartoons.

On Saturday three bands took part in the parade which attracted entries ranging from The Klangers and Lego people to the village’s very own Peter Pan line-up.

Ribchester morris dancers entertained in both the parade and in the main arena and there were side-stalls ranging from the traditional to the novel “Wake up Mr Mole.”

In the marquee eye-catching entries ranged from cakes decorated to mark the Tour de France to a miniature First World War remembrance garden, there was also a poignant history display.

After a Saturday night live concert with Lancashire band Brother Rabbit, there was just energy left for the Jacob’s Join village tea party on Sunday afternoon with music provided by Quay Change.

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