RSPCA’s dog cruelty appeal

Vera Hambleton dog cruelty
Vera Hambleton dog cruelty

The RSPCA is appealing for information after two dogs were found abandoned in a barn at a derelict farm in Hambleton. They were discovered by someone visiting the property to feed feral cats.

A male Spaniel about four years old and a two year old Lhasa Apso-type bitch were both emaciated with matted fur, a skin condition and eye infection.

They were found shut in a barn at the long-boarded up property on Burrows Lane, earlier this month.

RSPCA inspector Andrea Gillett said: “These dogs were both suffering when they were found.

“It has taken weeks and weeks for them to get into this condition and it’ll take weeks and week for us to get them better.

“Someone has badly neglected them over a long period of time and they were in desperate need of some TLC. Fortunately, that is now what they’re receiving.”

The dogs were collected by the RSPCA and are now being looked after by staff at RSPCA Blackpool Branch. The spaniel has been named ‘Jack’ and the Lhasa Apso-type has been named ‘Vera’.

RSPCA inspector Gillett said: “These dogs have had a tough time but they’re now getting the care and attention they need and deserve.

“We’re keeping an open mind about what could have happened here but it seems as though they’ve become too much for their owner who has ultimately dumped them. Someone has tried to improve the matting by clipping the Spaniel’s fur recently.

“It’s possible the owner knew that this person visited the derelict farm but perhaps not, perhaps they were just very lucky. If they hadn’t been found they would certainly have died.”

Neither dog was wearing a collar or ID tag and they weren’t micro-chipped so at the moment the RSPCA has no way of tracing their owner.

Anyone with any information should call the RSPCA 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 and ask to leave a message for inspector Gillett.