Safer way to school


PLANS to reduce congestion around St Thomas’s Primary CE School, Garstang, in the mornings and at leaving time have been unveiled.

The school has linked up with Garstang Town Council and the county council’s Green Partnership award which have jointly funded a new path linking the nearby church car park on Church Street to the play area path.

The school authorities, along with many parents and town Coun Gordon Harter, who lives opposite the school, as well as letter writers to the Courier, have pointed out the increasing congestion at the Kepple Lane school.

Coun Harter recently described it as “a nightmare.”

To help cut the number of cars pulling up outside the school parents will now be encouraged to drop off their youngsters at the church car park and use the new path as part of their route to school.

Coun Harter said: “The path will allow an easier route to school in all weathers.”

As long as parking in the church car park is kept to “pick up” and “drop off” only, the church has kindly allowed us to use their car park, and the school is hoping to recommence the “walking bus scheme” in September.

Garstang town council has used council tax payers’ precept to fund most of the project (£3,500), with the rest coming from the county’s Green Partnership award (£750).

Coun Harter thanked the town council and county council for their support and stressed the path would greatly aid the safety aspect for the children walking to and from school.

A school spokesperson said: “The children, parents and staff would like to thank Coun Harter for all his hard work”.