School set to inspire with eco credentials

Green Crusaders: Pupils and staff at the school celebrate the latest success
Green Crusaders: Pupils and staff at the school celebrate the latest success
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Pupils at a village school are raising the flag when it comes to environmental education after being awarded a top green award for the third time.

And staff, parents and children at Thurnham Glasson CE Primary School are such a class act, they are now in the bidding to become one of few flagship schools in the county to help inspire and advise other schools with their eco-projects.

The schoo recently gained Eco-Schools Green Flag status for the third successive time.

And assessor Jonathan Casey was so impressed with its green achievements that he asked headteacher Gillian Thomas to consider putting the school forward for ambassador status.

He said: “This is a fantastic school with a huge focus on eco activities and environmental learning across the curriculum. The children are the most excited, enthusiastic and most of all knowledgeable on eco topics that I have ever encountered”.

The school last year completed the installation of solar panels and environmental heating system, which has reduced the schools energy costs by more than one third.

Money saved has been put back into other areas of the school and helping maintain existing eco-projects, including the school’s conservation area and fruit and vegetable garden.

The eco-programme is driven directly by the children and the environmental practices are so embedded into their everyday it is now as routine as brushing their teeth.

Mrs Thomas said: “It was an absolute pleasure to receive our third Green Flag and this is testament to the hard work of the children.

“I hope that they will be able to continue to take what they have learned home and into their future lives.”

Eco-schools co-ordinator Jayne Weatherill said engagement with the community had played a big part in the school’s efforts and encouraging the pupils to put their green credentials to practice at home as well as school.

She added: “It was a lot of hard work at first, but now all the pupils are so enthused by it and all do things without realising.

“They are constantly coming up with new ideas, wanting to change and build on the areas we have got. They have really taken ownership and drive the programme.

“But the main way it has benefited is with the children taking it home and working with their families and the wider community.

“Those practices are in place for their future and their children’s futures and that is a great thing to see.”