Season of goodwill proves to be just so

An honest Garstang man has made Christmas even more special for a woman who lost her mobile phone.

Wednesday, 19th December 2012, 12:19 pm

Francesca Lebaldi, misplaced her Samsung Galaxy Note while Christmas shopping in Lancaster.

She reported the loss at Lancaster police station to see if it had been handed in.

It was later handed in at Garstang police station by town resident John Reynolds, who had also been out shopping in Lancaster.

A short piece of detective work by Garstang neighbourhood police team, who checked the lost property records, enabled them to reunite Francesca with her phone.

PCSO John Holland, of Garstang neighbourhood police team, said: “Losing a mobile phone, or having it stolen, can be a huge inconvenience.

“Where possible you should carry your phone in a zipped pocket inside your coat or bag in order to keep it safe.

“Consider when and where you use your phone – criminals may target you if you are distracted.

“You should make a note of its IMEI number, which can usually be found under the battery, and register it with a property registration site like Immobilise.

“Francesca was really pleased to have her phone returned to her, but not everyone would be so honest as to hand a phone in so it is best to take a few small measures to avoid losing your phone in the first place.”