Six family arrests over unpaid fines

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SIX members of the same family were arrested for a series of unpaid court fines during a swoop on a travellers’ site.

Relatives of the Lee family, who live on a travellers’ site in Rosemary Lane, Catforth, owed the courts between them £10,000, imposed for a range of offences including deceptions, assaults, drugs and motoring offences.

Michael Steven Lee, 48, owed £5,264 for making a false statement, not advising of a right to cancel, failing to state details legibly, making a false statement to police, having no car insurance, a fixed penalty and motoring offences.

James Lee, 51, owed £1,923 for twice using a mobile while driving, having no motor insurance, two counts of having no MOT, two of speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, and failing to supply a drivers’ identity.

Steven Lee, 24, owed £1,167 for two counts of failing to give a driver’s identity while his cousin, also called Steven Lee, 27, was fined £425 for having no insurance.

Relative Mark Lee, 30, owed £923 over fines for two counts of possessing cocaine, two of no insurance, no MOT, driving while using a mobile phone and two licence offences.

Reuben Lee, 24, had not paid a £90 fixed penalty for having no car tax.

PC John McCartney, of Preston Police, said: “If you don’t pay your fines the police will catch up with you no matter who you are.

“This was a one off warrant at the site on Rosemary Lane in December which involved police officers and warrants officers.

“Two paid up there and then, while the others paid once they reached the court.

“They are a well known family in the community.

“We were happy that they all paid the fines they should have paid up a long time ago.”