‘Taking it to the Streets’ for Garstang festival

Crowds watch the events at ''Garstang Arts & Music Festival.
Crowds watch the events at ''Garstang Arts & Music Festival.

The Garstang Arts and Music Festival is drumming up support for musicians, buskers and any sort of entertainers prepared to take their acts to the streets.

The ‘Taking it to the Streets’ event will be centred on Cherestanc Square and will run this Saturday, August 25 from 1pm to late afternoon.

Already booked are The Sunderland Point Sea Shanty Crew, The New Orchestra in Folkus, guitarists, singers, a hurdy-gurdy and bagpiper, and the mad, bad, dangerous to know Lord Byron.

In addition to the timetable of performance in the square, musicians will be giving ad-hoc performances in the weinds and courts of the town.

If you would like to take part, play, busk, or sing, contact Peter Dunne on 07922 021512 or e-mail unrepented49@gmail.com