Teen in court on gun charge

A teenager who hung a 12 bore shotgun on his bedroom wall had not got a firearms certificate, a court was told.

Saturday, 8th August 2015, 12:34 pm

James Smalley, 19, said he paid £10 for the side-by-side Master shotgun from a scrap dealer who said he got it from a house clearance.

He hung it on his bedroom wall at the family farm he lives at on Whin Lane, Out Rawcliffe.

But police were tipped off about his gun and went to the farm and were shown the gun by Smalley’s father.

They removed it and traced its origins back to Powys in Wales.

A gun expert examined it and found the gun in poor rusty condition and unable to be fired because the safety catch was jammed.

However, the gun had not been officially de-activated.

Smalley admitted possessing the gun without a licence when he appeared before Blackpool Magistrates’ Court.

His lawyer Steven Townley said: “The gun was not capable of firing and there was no ammunition.

“It was hanging on a wall and was not bought for any nefarious reason.

“The real problem this young man faces is that he will now have a criminal record saying he held a shotgun without a licence.”

Smalley was fined £185 and ordered to pay £285 costs.

The magistrates ordered the confiscation and destruction of the gun.