The Travelling Nativity beckons....

PHOTO. KEVIN McGUINNESS.'Helen Hardman is organising the Travelling Nativity in Inglewhite
PHOTO. KEVIN McGUINNESS.'Helen Hardman is organising the Travelling Nativity in Inglewhite
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CASTING is virtually complete for a unique production telling the story of the first Christmas, which will encompass the whole village of Inglewhite.

‘The Travelling Nativity’ as it is to be called, will move around key points in the village and is being staged by Inglewhite Church on Thursday, December 22 at 6.30pm.

“It will be a bit like the Duke’s play in the park at Lancaster, but on a much smaller scale,” says church member Helen Hardman who has not only written the script, but is producing it too. The nativity will use two gardens, the village green, the pub and Sanderson’s yard. Real sheep will graze on the green tended by real shepherds and there will also be a real donkey to carry Mary to Bethlehem where the car port at the Green Man will be turned into the stable.

All the actors are members of Inglewhite Church and approximately 50 people will be involved in the production on and off stage.

English teacher and mum-of-three Helen, who is also studying for an applied theology degree, explains she has kept close to the bible’s account in writing the script. This is her first drama and she says she has attempted to make it realistic by including conversations she imagines the characters might have had.

“I had to think things through, but once I got going, it came quite naturally to write it,” says Helen, who is particularly interested in getting the Christian message across to as many people as possible outside the church doors and saw the nativity as the perfect opportunity to do this. “So this is about taking Christmas to the community and hopefully they will experience something of God as they travel through the story,” she says.

It is also involving the whole church, with members becoming involved in all kinds of ways, be in making costumes and props or joining the ‘Choir of Heavenly Angels.’

Helen is grateful non-members are supporting them too, such as the residents who have offered their gardens for the opening and closing scenes.

The nativity is initially be a one-off performance, to see how it goes, and will be able to cater for an audience of 200. Tickets will be free and available from December.