Time for transition?

A GROUP of Garstang residents is pressing for the town to become a ‘Transition Town’ - to complement its Fair Trade town status.

The Transition Towns Network is a global, grassroots movement planning to reduce mankind’s dependency on fossil fuels.

Rather than wait passively for governments to act or disaster to strike, it mobilises the creativity of the public to make everyday life more resilient and sustainable.

Founder member Tricia Clark said, “If you follow the nightly news, it seems the problems are insurmountable. The world’s population has doubled since the Beatles released ‘Sergeant Pepper’.

“Our insatiable thirst for oil encourages civil wars and excuses despotic regimes overseas. Arctic sea ice covers a fraction of the area it did a generation ago. How do we respond to all that doom and gloom? Stick our fingers in our ears? Give up in despair? Sit back and wait for Westminster to sort it out?

“Essentially, the Transition movement is the exact opposite approach. It’s a positive philosophy based on communities consciously deciding to take small-scale, local, practical action to make a difference.

“That might mean growing vegetables in public spaces, promoting local food suppliers or reducing car use. We are looking to the community for imaginative, fun ideas to make Garstang a greener place to live and work.”

• The next meeting is at Monday March 12 at 7pm, at the FIG Tree Centre, High Street.

The group would actively welcome more members.