Top cats sample the cheese

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Experts from supermarket chain Booths spent three days at a Garstang factory making their own cheese as part of a product research exercise.

Workers regularly visit manufacturers of products the retailer sells to understand the processes involved.

But on this occasion, six Booths’ cheese specialists turned their hands to making it themselves when they went to Dewlay Cheesemakers.

Conor Daunt, commercial director at Dewlay, said: “Booths and Dewlay have worked very closely over the years and we share the same passion for Lancashire cheese.

“This was a unique project where these highly experienced cheese specialists worked at the dairy over three days and actually made their own cheese from start to finish to their own specifications, and we look forward to seeing the product in store over the coming weeks.”

Richard Paul, a Booths cheese specialist, added: “They say people learn best by doing, and I think that’s especially true when it comes to food.

“To genuinely understand the artisan process of making cheese there’s nothing like making it yourself. I can’t wait to sell the cheese and tell our customers that I made it myself.”