Train station for Garstang?

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HOPES of restoring a railway station for Garstang are back on track.

National rail lobby group Railfuture has listed Garstang along with nine other towns in Lancashire where it wants to see stations restored.

The plea for a station at Garstang, possibly on the site of the former station near the Kenlis Arms at Barnacre, is part of a regional blueprint by Railfuture.

The pressure for such a move at Garstang comes at a time when there are growing hopes for a revival of the Poulton to Fleetwood railway line - a move which has the support of Wyre Council.

Other areas where Railfuture would like to see stations re-opened area Coppull, Buckshaw Village, Cottam, Wrea Green, Blackpool Central and Blackburn South.

If Railfuture's ideas are adopted they would provide a major boost to public transport in the North West.

Chairman of Railfuture North West, Brian Grey, said: "The railways of the north west carry only a fraction of their full potential of both passenger and freight traffic, due largely to the lack of adequate investment over many decaades."

The possibility of restoring a station for Garstang was raised in a Garstang Partnership report three years ago, but no action has been taken on the idea.

One of longstanding supporters

The last time the possibilty of a rail restoration / train station project was discussed at a public forum was at Wyre Council in connection with the planned Duke of Lancaster Park at Myerscough. Councillors were told the main rail operators were unhappy with the idea as it could disrupt the timetables of their high-speed trains on the West coast mainline operating between Preston and Lancaster.

One of the supporters of the move to have a station for the Garstang area, Town Trust member and former councillor Eddie Livesey, said he welcomed the inclusion of Garstang on Railfuture's blueprint and hoped it would lead to more discussion on the subject.

"Anything that brings this subject to the attention of the decision makers at a national or regional level is to be welcomed.

"There is no doubt that a station for Garstang or somewhere close be a great asset for the district."

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