Broughton roadworks: more hold-ups warning

More misery: Queues are already a common problem at Broughton roundabout
More misery: Queues are already a common problem at Broughton roundabout

Roadworks to ease congestion at the “Broughton bottleneck” are set to cause even more traffic misery.

Improvements which started in June on the notorious A6/M55 intersection were stepped up last weekend.

And there will be a complete night-time closure of the Broughton roundabout in October.

The £2.6m scheme will widen Garstang Road on both sides of the junction, add an extra lane around the roundabout and instal extra traffic signals to provide smoother transition for vehicles entering and leaving Preston.

But highways chiefs concede congestion will get worse before it gets better.

Work began last week to improve safety barriers and lighting on the westbound entry slip road to the motorway. That will last for three weeks with the feeder road reduced to one lane during the day and closed altogether overnight.

Last weekend road crews moved in to begin widening the A6, providing three lanes instead of two onto the roundabout northbound and an extra lane southbound exclusively for motorway access.

The work will mean the overnight closure (8pm - 6am until September 19) of the A6 sections being worked on and also the slip road to Eastway just beyond the county’s fire and rescue headquarters. A diversion via Lightfoot Lane and Eastway will be signposted.

The Broughton roundabout, including all access on and off the M55, will be shut down completely for three nights (October 14,15,16).

A Highways Agency spokesman says traffic approaching from the north along the A6 Garstang Road will be diverted along Whittingham Lane through Longridge and onto Bluebell Way and Eastway. Southbound motorway traffic will join the M6 at Junction 31a via Bluebell Way.

Traffic approaching from the south along the A6 Garstang Road will use the same diversion route in the opposite direction.

M55 eastbound traffic wishing to exit at Junction 1 will be diverted off at Junction 3. M6 southbound traffic wanting to join the M55 and exit at Junction 1 will be directed to continue south on the M6 to Junction 30 at Samlesbury and then back northbound to exit at Junction 31a.

M6 northbound traffic wishing to join the M55 and exit at Junction 1 will be directed to leave the M6 at Junction 31a for destinations south of the M55 or continue to Junction 33 for destinations north of the M55. All diversion routes will be signed.

Congestion at the roundabout currently causes peak-time tailbacks, regularly leading to traffic queuing back onto the M55 and M6 motorways, as well as the A6 Garstang Road.