Free parking deal joy

All of Windsor Road car park will now have free parking for three hours
All of Windsor Road car park will now have free parking for three hours
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There are new signs for the times on one of Garstang’s main car parks – and they signal a welcome changes to council charging policies.

Motorists can now park on ALL of the the Windsor Road car park by Booths and the YMCA Leisure Centre free for three hours.

In recent years the town centre car park, with spaces for around 300 cars, has been run as two separate parks by Booths (200 free for three hours spaces) and Wyre Council (100 charged for spaces).

The ending of the confusing two-tier system, which has operated since 2011, has been welcomed by motorists, townsfolk and traders.

Coun Roger Berry, cabinet member with responsibility for car parks at Wyre Council, said: “The legal agreement with Booths over the lease of Windsor Road car park has been completed and the new arrangements – free short stay parking for shoppers – are now operational and very much welcome.

He continued: “I’m pleased we’ve been able to reach an agreement with a private retailer which not only gives shoppers free parking and boosts the town centre, but at the same time retains a revenue stream to support the council’s car parking service throughout the borough.”

Booths had wanted an all free parking area next to its store since its new building opened .

It had previously offered the council a deal to make up for lost parking income.

The council had rejected Booths’ plans saying that “the criteria was too restrictive and not in the best long-term interests of the Garstang community.”

A spokeswoman for Booths said: “Booths lease the car park near their Garstang store from the council and are delighted to provide free parking to both shoppers and visitors to the town centre for up to three hours.”