Pavement ruts keep pensioner indoors

Beryl Murrant
Beryl Murrant

An 86-year-old woman said she is too scared to use her mobility scooter because of the state of pavements in Longridge.

Beryl Murrant, who is waiting for a hip replacement, said she has almost been thrown from the scooter several times, because of sunken and pot-holed footpaths.

The resident of Towneley House, Towneley Road, said: “Last week I was on Severn Road, going to the Post Office, and I almost tipped off because of the state of the pavement.

“If it hadn’t have been for a big bloke passing by and grabbing me, I’d have been on the floor, and I don’t know how I’d have got up.”

Mrs Murrant said she was concered that all the crossings on Berry Lane were also poor.

Her son, John, travelled from his home in Derby to check the scooter over.

But he said: “I’ve taken the scooter out to check it and there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s the awful state of the footpaths.

“My mum is refusing to use it now, and she’s like a prisoner in her own home because she can’t get to the shops or to collect her pension.

“It’s very worrying and the county council highways team need to act.”

Andy Ashcroft, highways manager for Ribble Valley Council, said: “These concerns were reported to us on Monday.

“We always try to respond as quickly as we can when people call to tell us about problems and will send an inspector this week to look at the situation and identify any action which may be needed.”