Lancashire skies to be darkened by March solar eclipse

A solar eclipse will be visible from Lancashire next month - and there won’t be another one for 11 years.

Wednesday, 25th February 2015, 10:28 am
An annular solar eclipse

The phenomena will darken skies on Friday March 20, starting at 8.24am, reaching its ‘maximum’ by 9.30am.

The last total eclipse visible from the UK was on August 11 1999, when the moon totally covered the sun as it crossed over Cornwall.

March’s eclipse is set to be a similar spectacle, with 84 per cent of the Sun set to be obscured by the moon, when viewing it from the UK.

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Anyone viewing the partial eclipse should note - never look directly at the sun, especially through a telescope or binoculars unless they have been specially set up for solar viewing, as this can permanently damage eyesight.