Uniform help by new charity shop in town

Rev David with YMCA's Nickie Crosbie and school uniforms ready for sale
Rev David with YMCA's Nickie Crosbie and school uniforms ready for sale

A school uniform recycling project has been launched in Longridge to help families with children starting primary school in September.

New charity shop YMCA is to sell outgrown and unwanted uniform items for all four primary schools at very affordable prices.

Manager Janet Holt and assistant Nickie Crosbie have teamed up with Longridge vicar, the Rev David Anderson, to organise the project as an extension of the parish’s uniform voucher scheme.

But the vicar stressed that it was something for the whole community to become involved in. He said: “Though it links in with our scheme, it’s a community effort for all the primary schools in our area, “It means all items stay within the community and it’s great that they are available here at a central point in the town.”

He felt the scheme was a response to a growing need in the town as people struggled to make ends meet.

School uniforms were expensive to buy as new and were basically only worn for a short time as youngsters outgrew them.

He was aware of the costs and outlay as his own son Thomas was due to leave primary school in the autumn, and was shown a range of items by Nickie Crosbie which had already been donated.

As the former owner of the childrens clothing shop, Junior Exchange, Nickie felt the scheme was a valuable source of the almost new clothes on offer.

Items for sale will include blazers, dresses, trousers, shorts. shirts, cardigans, ties, PE kits and school bags - everything needed for youngsters starting school.

It is intended that the scheme will run throughout the year.

Prices will start at just 49p, Janet Holt explained, as the YMCA has price guidelines to adhere to.

“But for every bag of clothes brought in, £1 will be donated to each school,” she added.