Vicar’s food bank plan to help town’s needy

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A food bank is being planned for Longridge to help needy families in the town, a vicar has revealed.

After being asked for food by callers at the vicarage for the first time in his six-year ministry in the town, the Rev David Anderson is now to organise for Longridge to become a satellite for the soon-to-be established Clitheroe Foodbank

In his Civic Sunday address to a congregation which included town and borough leaders and councillors, the Rev David Anderson told how people had asked if the parish of St Lawrence with St Paul’s had food to spare.

The privilege he had felt over the years of being invited into people’s houses was followed by concern as he noticed things were different.

“Things were changing behind closed doors. Longridge people are very proud and they hide their problems,” he said.

This was a situation caused by stress through financial or health worries, exam pressures, or cutbacks for services hitting the poor the hardest.

He later told The News: “As a church we are seeking to respond, with things like our school uniform fund, the food parcels, the Christmas hampers, brew time, and simply trying to be there for people in need.

“The idea of Longridge becoming a satellite for Clitheroe Foodbank is also very positive and one of the best ways to respond.”

The Mayor of Longridge, Coun David Moon, said he felt the venture would need help from the community.

He was also sure that, should requests for support be made to the council, serious consideration would be given.