Village’s 30 years of fancy footwork

Dance away: Committee members with their celebration cake
Dance away: Committee members with their celebration cake

Pilling Charity Dance Group has celebrated its 30th anniversary with a dancing special at the village’s Memorial Hall on the theme “A touch of tartan.”

Friends and supporters attended from as far away as Radcliffe, near Manchester, Bury, Clitheroe and many local places.

Spokesman Janet Cross said: “It’s a funny old world with folks from many miles away who are regulars and yet there are very few regulars from our own village of Pilling apart from those on our little voluntary committee along with just two others.”

Janet encouraged people in the village to join the group.

“It is sad fact that people do not know what they are missing on their own doorstep because it’s such a friendly and social gathering.”

“We get like-minded people, we gave a free supper on this special occasion along with a three bottle raffle to show our appreciation for the past support that the dancers have shown.

“The supper was fit for a king. There was a large celebration cake, specially decorated for the occasion and everyone took a piece home as a reminder of a lovely evening spent with friends.

“Last but not least was a presentation of a gold watch to our ever present key-board player, Alan Cookson who, in all our 30 years, has never let us down.

“I would like to thank Alan and all the many dancers who have supported us in the past. God bless you all.”

Pilling Charity Dance Group has given over £47,000 to different good causes during its history.

At the end of the recent dance evening £400 was given locally on the night to a home which caters for children with difficulties.

Janet said: “I would finally like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all our little band of volunteer helpers who set the hall up ready for our fortnightly dances along with the marvellous suppers they supply for us all on the night.”

She singled out Harold and Hannah Jenkinson, Freddie and Helen Nicholson, Marion Cross, Frank and Diane Wolstenholme and Bill and Hazel Cowen, for their work with the group.