Village worries on air pollution

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Fears about air pollution in busy Broughton have promped calls for action by the parish council.

Research shows that older people and children who are exposed to the high levels of traffic-related pollution such as that in the village have significantly increased risk of developing serious breathing and heart problems.

Broughton Parish Council is determined to tackle the issue and is calling for public support and backing.

A leaflet delivered to homes in the area by the parish council says: “Broughton is now the most polluted area of Preston. Incredible you might say, especially as we are considered a rural area.

“This is an invisible public health crisis for the village, that is harming the most vulnerable people who live, work, play and study here.”

More than 20,000 vehicles pass through the village every day en route to and from Preston and the M6/M55 junctions.

The council is now drawing up battle plans to get air pollution improved and wants to hear from local residents.

Anyone interested should call 07585 145603 or visit the council’s website.