Volunteers are asset to force

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Police volunteers from Garstang and wider district have been celebrated at a special thank you event hosted by the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Clive Grunshaw met with West Division volunteers at the Crofter’s Hotel, in Garstang during Volunteers’ Week.

Letters of appreciation were also sent to all of the volunteers, who dedicate their time and skills to helping Lancashire Police.

The Commissioner said: “Volunteers provide a vital link between the county’s varied and diverse communities and the police and so I was absolutely delighted to meet them all personally thank them for the work they do.

“The contribution of volunteers cannot be underestimated. Lancashire Police is an outstanding force and the work they do helps us to keep that status.

“As we look to the future, the role volunteers play will inevitably grow as we look towards incorporating more early action, to provide the best services for people at the earliest opportunity, into policing.

“Our volunteers are a real asset and I make the commitment that their contribution will continue to be valued.”